How It Works

UnTweeps uses the Twitter API to unfollow selected people you are following. Logging into UnTweeps is safe because we use Twitter's login system which then allows UnTweeps to do its thing on your behalf.

After logging in, enter the number of days in the past you want to check. If you enter 30, then anyone who hasn't updated their Twitter status (tweeted) in the past 30 days will be shown on a list. The listing that appears is the page that counts towards uses of Free UnTweeps. Each page checks up to 2500 of those you are following for tweets in the past 30 days. If you follow more than 2500, the next time you run this page, it will get the next 2500 accounts. If you follow a huge number of accounts, consider purchasing UnTweeps Pro.

The users in the list that have a check mark in the checkbox are the ones you want to unfollow. Note that Twitter's API Policy prohibits UnTweeps from having an automated checkbox feature.

Click the "Unfollow Selected Tweeps" button. UnTweeps sends the list to the Twitter API. The API then does the actual unfollowing. There are times when the API is running behind. Don't be alarmed if the users you just unfollowed still show up in your follwing list on Twitter. The API will eventually do its thing.

The Whitelist

If you are following people who don't tweet very often, but you still want to follow them, add them to the whitelist.

When you run a list of UnTweeps, a link is shown for each user to add the user to your whitelist. Click the link and a popup opens to add the user and then the box closes.

Anyone on the whitelist will not appear when you run your UnTweeps list.

A link is provided for deleting your entire whitelist and starting over.

Pro Features

If you want to use UnTweeps more than three times per month, or check for slightly stale Tweeps, periods under 15 days, purchase an UnTweeps Pro account. For details, log into UnTweeps and click the "UnTweeps Pro" button.

Multiple Account Support

With all paid subscriptions you can now use UnTweeps Pro on unlimited accounts. To use this feature, login to the account you used when you purchased the subscription (primary account). You will see Untweeps Pro - Multiple Accounts Mode at the top of the screen. Then click the Sign Off button. Sign back on using any other Twitter account. As long as you see Untweeps Pro - Multiple Accounts Mode, you can use UnTweeps Pro. If you don't see the MAM, just sign on again using the primary account.