The Idea

On Twitter, I am @rlamfink. In February of 2009, I was perusing the public_timeline on Twitter, looking for interesting people to follow. I noticed a tweet asking the question,"Is there a Twitter application that would give a list of users who hadn't updated Twitter in X number of days?" or something to that effect.

At that point, a light bulb went on in my head. (Do the light bulbs in your head have to be energy savers now?) Within a couple of days, I had the "bones" of UnTweeps running on another site I had at the time. I put it on the App Wiki at Twitter and waited.

Pretty soon, I noticed it was getting some usage, so I quickly purchased the domain name and moved everything to the new server. I added an optional tweet at the end of the untweeping process so that if users liked it, they would hopefully tell their friends. Within four months, there were over 11,000 Tweeple using UnTweeps, completely by "word of tweet".

So now, the next chapter begins. I have partnered with @journik in order to better publicize the site and come up with a workable business model. The partnership is also an interesting story in itself. He contacted me via Twitter, and all negotiation and agreement has been done with tweets. We have never met, emailed or talked on the phone. This may be a case of the first business partnership negotiated entirely on Twitter.